Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4th Sep : Chunmun’s entry into Junaid Haveli

The beginning of the episode, Aman tries to open the lamp with the help of Bazigar but fails. Armaan also starts crying, Rubina asks Roshni to take him inside. Rubina also tells Aman to keep an eye on the lamp as this cannot be trusted. Aman speaks yes. Rehan and Shayari go to meet her master. Rehan is shocked to see his maestro and asks if this chaat wala is his master. Shayari says yes.

Aman tells Roshni that he thinks that Jin is not playing with them. Roshni says she cannot say anything about this. Roshni says that but this lamp can threaten their child, then it should be taken out of the room. Aman says they cannot do this because Rubina has said that it has to be kept in front of the eyes. Roshni says it’s ok.

Further, Roshni goes to get a tissue and does not find Armaan when she returns. She tells this to Aman and he searches for the child. He sees a strange woman and she also has Armaan. Roshni takes Armaan and asks her who she is. She says she is Chunmun Tai and their first challenge.

Chunmun Tai tells them to find out her weakness and as a result, she will give them a hint. She then asks them to welcome her as a guest and serve her food. When the grandmother brings food for Chunmun, she finds spider webs on the table. Spider webs are not only on the table but also in the whole.

Shayari gets a fork as a sign by her master. They follow him and reach Jin’s cave. Householders find strange things happening in the house and they search for Chunmun. Chunmun is with Armaan. Roshni gets angry with this and she scolds her. Aman handles this and says that she is angry because she is a mother. Roshni says Chunmun is strange and when she moving she produces a strange sound.

Shayari and Rehan go to Jin’s cave and notice a bottle. Jin’s brother is imprisoned in the bottle who speaks to him, if they free him, he will tell Jin’s name. Episode end.

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