Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th Sep : Chunmun is a spider Jin

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni tells Aman that Chunmun was roasting sweater without Wool and after her arrival, webs spread all over the house. Roshni says she feels as if she is cooking something evil. Aman says but even then we cannot do anything until they come to know about Chunmun’s weaknesses.

Shayari tries to get Kale Jin’s brother out of the bottle but Rehan refuses and says they can’t trust his brother. Shayari says that Jin is those who never deal unilaterally so we can get out of him. And she is sure he will help them. But Rehan does not agree, he pulls the bottle and the bottle falls.

To find out the weakness of Chunmun, the householders manufacture marble bullets. There Sara gets imprisoned. While all households soon find that Chunmun is a spider Jin. Which Chunmun herself tells them.

Jin drops the bottle and Shayari exits Jin with her magic and asks for the name of Black Jin. When he is telling, Natasha attacks him and tells that She is now a Jin and will finish Rehan.

Through the book, Rubina, Aman, and Roshni are finding the weakness of Chunmun. But then Chunmun comes there and snatches the book and says that she will not be able to find it so easily and goes away. Aman says that perhaps her weakness will be strong light on other spiders. But then they come to know that Chunmun is blind.

Dadi comes to Aman and tells that Sara is not getting anywhere. He goes to ask Chunmun but then Rubina comes to him and tells him that Salma is imprisoned in the jail. Chunmun explains that this happened due to Roshni because she abused her. Roshni gets angry but Chunmun tells her not to do so. Because if she gets angry then something worse can happen. Episode end.

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