Anupamma 5th Sep : Anupamaa meets Rakhi

The episode begins with Anupamaa try calling Rakhi but she is not picking up the call. Baa comes and says even if that Rakhi picks up the call she won’t listen to anybody and will continue with what she is doing. And that Vanraj has given her 24 hours time to sort everything out. So she is not saying anything and that Anupamaa shouldn’t spoil this last chance. Other hand Kinjal is leaving to meet Toshu. Rakhi stops her and she says I won’t be talking to you either.

Anupamaa calls at Rakhi’s driver number to meet her up. Rakhi just hangs up the call. Anupamaa becomes tensed. Pramod then calls Anupamaa and makes her sure Rakhi will meet her. Anupamaa is happy. Pramod tells Rakhi that why she do some efforts like Anupamaa in order to save kid’s lives. Then the promo scene is repeated. Toshu gives a big list of instructions that how she will behave and that she won’t be going late, she shouldn’t order anything as she can’t able to read the menu card. Rakhi says their places have been changed. She goes to flashbacks.

Anupamaa comes to meet Rakhi. Kavya gets irritated listening to Anupamaa’s name from Vanraj mouth at the time when she is discussing her own problems. She adds that he is not paying attention to what she is saying rather talking about his own problems. Kavya taunts Vanraj as selfish. Anirudh comes there and asks Kavya to concentrate on their relationship in spite of Vanraj. It will help to save their wedlock. Anirudh and Vanraj have a tiff. They both give warnings to each other to leave Kavya. Kavya cant takes this and leaves.

In another scene, the waiter shows her, her table which was already booked. Mamaji takes a light moment with Baa. Baa is waiting for Anu call. Vanraj gives Anupamaa warning that she should not spoil his image. And makes everything good. Rakhi taunts Anupamaa for using such a low-quality phone.

Precap: Well to a suprise Rakhi agrees for the wedding.

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