Yeh Hain Chahtein 5th Sep : Onam celebrations

The episode begins with Saransh and Preesha is excited about some surprise. Amma asks Appa to call Police in order to catch Girish as he has stolen 1000 rupees. Girish comes immediately after the mention. Brings veggies and the remaining amount to Amma. Appa asks to make coffee for him. Appa compliments Girish but Amma isn’t convinced. Appa doesn’t like Yuvi in his house. Yuvi says Appa doesn’t even listen to him and not even Amma.

Preesha and Saransh get ready. They are looking good. Preesha is shocked to see all the decorations and all the arrangements. Rudra says to both of them that this surprise he has planned. Yuvi tries to clarify things but all in vain. Appa is super angry at him. Appa even warns him to stay away from Preesha or else things will be worse. Yuvi back answers and says he won’t let Preesha suffers alone and he just came to clear out misunderstandings. He shows concerned towards Appa. Girish was also there. Yuvi leaves.

Amma and Appa get ready to go to Khurana’s house. Rudra wears South Indian everybody is surprised. The Precap scene is repeated. Mish says why they are here and acting to Ahana. Then Ahana answers her if she wants her to stay longer in this house then she should get adapted. Then Rudra comes to know Mallus celebrate Onam and not Tamilians. All makes fun of Rudra. Rudra is sad. Appa handles everything. He says it’s ok. What matters is that they are together. Rudra says sorry. But then all thanks to him.

Rudra is about to fall because he is not able to handle his dhoti. Preesha mocks him. But later helps, he gets attracted to her. Meanwhile, Saransh comes and break the moment. Then Rudra says Preesha is not wearing flowers because she is allergic to them when Saransh asks her. Preesha is super surprised knowing that Rudra remembers this fact and questions why?? And also why she is feeling good about it??. Pooja started and all pray for each other’s good health and wishes. Preesha and Rudra have an eye moment. Background plays. Episode ends.

Precap: Preesha is suspended, Rudra comes to know about that. He is shocked.

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