Nagin 5th Sep – Veer saves Bani

At the beginning of the episode, Veer shares his feelings with Bani and says he feels as if they have an old relationship.  Bani asks what.  Naina meets Jai and is about to say something but the light goes off and Veer’s brother takes some girls to Baldev.  Jai and Bani find that the main Fuse is missing.  Jai suspects that only Veer and his family members have a hand in it.

There Veer’s brother kidnaps Naina and takes her to Baldev.  They are about to collect the girls and take them to the broker.  Then Veer comes there and Baldev hides from him that he is taking the girls somewhere.  Baldev wants to hide from Veer that he does smuggling so he lies.

Bani notices the truck in which girls are in, and follows the track, taking the form of her serpent. She goes inside the truck and retrieves the girls. Unfortunately, the truck collides with a hill and is fitted with a bomb by Baldev.

Jai hears the voice message that Bani sent before she follows Singhania’s truck.  Jai notices Veer and says that if something happens to Bani, he will not leave him.  Veer asks why is he saying this.  Jai says as Bani goes behind his truck.  Jai leaves from there and Veer comes in his eagle form and goes out to find Bani.

Bani takes out all the girls there but the bomb explodes and they get injured due to misfortune.  But in time Veer reaches there and takes Bani to his house.  Bani is unconscious and Veer only sees her face and looks after her.  He says if Bani had seen him taking care of her, she would have gone crazy.

Police come to the area where the accident happened and Jai also comes there.  And asks the policemen about Bani.  They say they don’t know anything about it.  There Bani comes to her senses and calls Jai and informs him that she is fine.  And asks him to come where she is.  Jai comes to take Bani.  Veer gets angry after seeing them both together.

Bani and Jai are going by car but Bani touches her injury.  And gets angry.  She asks Jai to stops the car and shouts in the woods.  And thinks what is happening to her.  Jai follows Bani and asks what happened.  She says nothing, she just wants to take some fresh air.  Then Jai and Bani come to her house.  Bani notices Veer’s car in front of her house.  Episode ended.

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