Shaadi Mubarak 5th Sep : Rati creates misconception in Preeti’s mind

Preeti and Kusum play cards in the beginning of the episode and then Preeti starts going by saying goodnight.  But Kusum asks her to sleep with her, Preeti says she will have problems.  Kusum says she is now her friend so she will not have any problem.  She asks which side she should sleep on.

Kusum thinks that she still has not learned to live with her own will and is worrying about the wishes of others.  Kusum tells her to live for herself and wants to sit where she wants and sleep where she wants without asking anyone.  Preeti is very happy to hear this.

Next, Preeti smiles remembering KT.  And KT’s mother, aunt and the rest are worried about KT.  KT’s mother says she made a big mistake by introducing Chanda to him and now does not know where KT will be.  That’s when KT comes there with flowers and gifts and wishes his mother a happy Mother’s Day.

KT’s mother says that he should not pretend to be happy now if he is unhappy.  KT says that she has learned to live with this bitter truth, so he no longer feels pain and he is happy just like that.

Rati comes there when Preeti and Kusum are buying vegetables.  Seeing Rati, Kusum teases her and Rati smiles at them and starts buying vegetables.  Rati takes all the spoiled vegetables when Preeti interrupts her to do so.  So Rati stops her from showing off her junk sympathy and taunts her.  Kusum also taunts her and makes her silent.

Kusum then tells Preeti to go home and Rati stops Preeti and create misconception in her mind.  So that Preeti comes back home.  Further Sumedha and Juhi make Mother’s Day and ask them to ask for their favorite gift.  Preeti says that she will definitely take the gift from all right.  Episode end.

Precap: Preeti wants to stand on her feet and wants to earn money.

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