Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th Sep : Roshni first attempt fails on Chunmun

Episode begins with Roshni threatens spider aunty that if you don’t release my mother soon then I will make your life a living hell. Chunmun says to Roshni your anger will only make things problematic for you so try to have a control over it.

Roshni is about to attack on her when Aman stops her and says right now neither we know her strength nor her weakness. Roshni feels sad for her mother. While Rubina informs them that she told Shayari and Rehaan about it already. Aman calls Rehaan to know anything about the spider Jinn but Rehaan says we are coming back home while Roshni tries to talk to them but Rehaan stops her and says you have no good wayouts for our issues and you always makes us land in trouble only. Shayari thinks how come one be so stupid and idiot being a jinn.

Aman and Roshni get irritated and says do one thing, argue among each other first and then call us back and till then we are waiting. Rehaan asks for an apology and Aman asks Rehaan to make him talk to Shayari. She says I can’t say that what is her weakness but I can send my master there with a sharp knife cz the hearts of every jinn is weak and that if you attack their heart, they will be weak enough for time being for us to think for some concrete and constructive alternative.

She says I will make an idea about how to make the knife reach upto you people. Her master is in the junaid house with his entire setup of golgappa. He says to them Shayari informed me about everything. Don’t worry I will give you the knife soon.

Chunmun comes there and asks about what is it? She is also tries to know what they brought in when he says it is waterballs and she after trying to smell them for a while throws it on the floor saying it is not good. He says you made a huge loss of mine while Chunmun says Aman will pay you for this.

Once she is busy talking he Handovers a box to Anjum and they pass it on to each other and it reaches Aman. He advised Aman that Spider jinn usually sleeps at night between 12-1 am. Rehaan and Shayari again gets into bickering when Rehaan says I will go to meet Natasha. Shayari says as she is your first love, you can’t stop loving her and thinking about her.

Rehaan says there is nothing like that and Shayari says she will also come with him while he will meet Natasha. He agrees after a lot of argument and he goes go meet Natasha. He tries to make her feel romantic so that he can know the name of kaala jinn while Shayari is listening to all. Aman is trying to open the box to take out the knife but is not able to when Armaan opens it using his magic powers.

Roshni and a Aman goes to attack on Chunmun and she hits at her chest but she says she doesn’t have her heart here but somewhere else. Aman and Roshni came back from there thinking how come her heart can be somewhere else?

Rubina gives them a magic ball and says it can indicate you about a heart nearby. They goes to the room of Chunmun again and finds the ball is beating at an empty wall and they feel how come she is heartless and leaves from the room.

Other side, Shayari comes in front of Natasha and she says to Rehaan and Shayari both that she wants them to suffer by seeing their family members getting ruined one by one. She blurts out about two jinn being present at the junaid house which left Roshni and Rehaan shocked. Rehaan informs the same to Aman and Roshni and Aman thinks may be the other jinn is invisible from us.

Precap – Aman and Roshni checks if Chunmun is actually twin!! And they got confirmed.


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