Shakti 28th September :Jharana and Parmeet hatched a terrible conspiracy

In the beginning of the episode, Jharana tries to discovers Heer but cannot find her.  However Heer is hidden behind the curtain which Jharana didn’t notice and walks away.  Heer comes out after she leaves and decides that she won’t come between them.

Next, Virat regains consciousness and the doctor asks him how he is doing.  Virat tells that he is fine.  Jharana taunts him and says but she is not well because their marriage stopped.  Parmeet advises her to keep quiet.  At the same time, Parmeet tells Heer to go from there because now she has seen that Virat is fine.

Heer goes outside.  Virat asks for help from the nurse to informs Heer that he wants to meet her.  The nurse tells him that no one is outside.  But Virat says he is confident that she is here and she will definitely come.  Then Heer comes there and Virat says that he has broken his promise.  He tells Heer that he toasted and he believes that heads must have come.

Heer goes to the same place and notices the coin and finds that it has happened just as Virat had said and heads came.  Gurminder comes there and says if she now believed that God wants them along.  Heer says but she does not want to she starts leaving and gives the coin to Gurminder.  Jharana notices all this and tells the family members of Virat.

Virat’s housemates now think of taking strong action and go to Heer’s house and ask for her help.  Heer asks them what help they need. They tells Heer their plan and asks her to pretend to be in love with Virat.  Heer disagrees with this and they leave.

Virat tells the nurse that he wants to meet Heer and in that he wants her help.  The nurse agrees to help him.  With the help of a boy, Virat throws some letters in the room of Heer in which he wrote I love you.  Heer is shocked to see it.  Episode end.


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