Nagin 26th Sep – The fight between Mayuri and Bani

At the beginning of the episode, Balraj is upset wondering why the timer has stopped running. But his assistant tells him not to worry and says that he will handle it all. Further, Morni tells Veer’s brothers to enjoy the party. Pankaj says that he is enjoying himself by drinking free liquor. Morni asks them to seduce girls. They listen to her. They seduce Bani’s sister. Daksha forces Meera to dance but when she refuses, he tore her dress. Veer slaps him and asks how dare he do this. He takes Meera with him to fix her dress and fixes her dress with the help of a stapler. When Bani notices Jai, she goes to him and asks him if he is alright and where he was. Jai tells her in detail and says that he does not think this work is of eagle. Bani tells him that she is married to Veer. And tells him her complete plan. Then Mayuri comes there and Jai leaves from there.

Mayuri tells Bani if ​​she is cheating on her friend. Bani ignores her. Mayuri stops her and grabs her hand. Bani feels from her touch that she is a peacock. And she faces her and says that she has come to know that she is not a common girl but Morni. Morni gets shocked. The two start fighting. Morni shouts, everyone comes out. Bani falls into the mud and they both start fighting again. Bani gets hurt and Veer asks to stop the fight. There Jai returns to the place where he was kidnapped. And pretends that he did not go out.

Further, Veer tries to get mud out of Bani’s back. But Bani prevents him from doing so. Veer thrusts and removes mud. Later Jai calls Bani but Mayuri arrives there before she can talk to him. Mayuri says she is talking to her lover. She threatens Bani that she will tell everyone about her affair. Bani says if she tells, she will also tell everyone that she is a peacock. Mayuri gets shocked and leaves from there.

Then Bani thinks what to do which make Veer angry with her and attacks her. The next morning Balraj organizes a meeting and Bani thinks of taking advantage of this opportunity. Bani thinks of spoling the meeting, she drinks and dances. And embarrasses Balraj and his family. Veer comes there and takes her up. Bani and Veer fall, and both have an eye moment. There Mayuri puts Nagmani’s thorn in Bani’s brooch so that it can touch Veer and Veer loses control of himself and kills Bani. Episode end.

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