Shaadi Mubarak 26 September : Chanda provokes Rati

At the beginning of the episode, KT’s mother tells Kt that the middle-class people just have their false respect. And asks him to have an assistant so that there is no more such mess. KT realizes that he has made a big mistake by listening to his mother’s words. And decides to go to Preeti’s house.

Here Preeti is talking to Kusum. Then someone knocks on the window. Preeti gets nervous and takes a stick to see who he is. She is shocked to see KT and asks why he came here from the window. KT explains because of the watchman. And then he apologizes to Preeti. Kt says he understands things a little bit slow but he is sorry. Kt also tells her how partnerships are also like marriage.

Kt says he has some negative points like he forgets things and comes late. But he is a cheerful person. Similarly, there Preeti is very punctual about time but she is very serious. So they should work and hide each other’s shortcomings. He apologizes to Preeti. Preeti forgives him and he leaves.

There, Sumedha and Juhi ask Priyanka why she is getting married. And asks her to consider it again. But Priyanka gets irritated and curses Juhi and tells how Juhi tells Tarun about her love and Tarun insults her. Juhi says she wants to apologize but she should not punish herself in from of getting a wedding. Priyanka says she wants to get married.

Next, Kt tells Preeti how their ad is getting the love of the people. On the other hand, Chanda provokes Rati and says how her mother-in-law has grown so much and she too will soon work in front of her. Rati thinks she will not let this happen. Chanda says her work will be done now Rati will spoil the work of Shadi Mubarak. Episode end.

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