Anupamma 26 September : Kamini apologizes to Jhilmil

At the beginning of the episode, Leela says that she has got the ring due to her fast. And she asks him to show her the ring. Samar gets scared and thinks about how can he show the ring now when it does not even have a ring. There Anupama asks Kamini to apologize to Jhilmil. Kamini apologizes to her. And then Anupama gives Samar the ring and then gives the box to Leela. Leela is happy to see the ring and decides to keep the ring with her.

Kavya and Vanraj are discussing. Kavya advises him that they should do meet in the room. Anupama overhears them and says that the elders of the house will not like this, so they should do it in the hall. Vanraj agrees with Anupama and Kavya is irritated by this. Anupama thinks that gust can stay in the house but not in the bedroom.

Vanraj is doing his meeting while Samar comes and starts making noise. Kavya stops Samar by going to him and tells him that Vanraj is attending a meeting. Anupama also comes there and tells Samar not to do so. Samar says he will take care of it and will not make such a mistake. Kavya says that this is not a mistake but a rudeness. Anupama says that he is her son and will teach him manners so you need not to worry.

Then Vanraj comes there and scolds Samar and tells him not to dance. Samar says dance is his life and he cannot stop dancing. Kavya scolds Samar for talking loudly to Vanraj. Anupama finds it strange. And she tells Kavya that she has no right to speak between a father and a son. Anupama says that as a wife she can speak, yet if she is silent then she should also be silent. Vanraj also says that Anupama is right and Kavya gets angry.

Further, Anupama is iran Vanraj’s clothes, Kavya says, does she do this job too? Anupama tells her that she does all of Vanraj’s personal work. Then Leela calls Anupama and tells that the sewing machine is fixed. Anupama says well now she can prepare sherwani of Paritosh. When she starts making sherwani with a sari, Paritosh does not like it but Anupama explains it. Episode end.

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