Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26 September : Rehan dislikes Jhumru

At the beginning of the episode, Aman and Roshni bring Jhumru in a room, which Jhumru is happy to see.  Jhumru gets happy seeing clothes books.  Roshni says all the things in this room are his.  Aman tells him not to worry anymore because no one will bother you anymore.  Jhumru says that people have become his own in a very short time.  He asks them if he can call them uncle aunt.  Aman speaks yes of course.

Aman and Roshni take care of Jhumru, on which Rehan gets irritated and tells that he does not like children at all.  Shayari says that he is very strange who does not like children.  Rehan says that we already have Shayari in form of a child and now we have another child.  Further Jhumru makes a painting and thinks of putting it near the door.  But then Armaan drops Jhumru with magic.  Jhumru gets hurt.  Jhumru says maybe Armaan doesn’t like him.  Aman and Roshni say Armaan is really doing all this.  Aman says that maybe his evilness is increasing in him.  Roshni seems worried.  Aman tells her don’t worry Armaan also has the heart of an angel which he got from Roshni.  So he started handling Armaan.

Further, Jhumru makes a thank you card for Aman and Roshni.  Then Rehan and Shayari come there.  Rehan makes fun of Jhumaru’s handwriting.  Shayari scolds him.  Rehan says he has no faith in that child.  Shayari says do not doubt the small child.  Rubina further informs Roshni and Aman that this the time for Kala Jin’s Taj Posei.  So they have to be careful.  Jhumru hears this and gets scared and asks if Kala Jin is back.  Roshni and Aman ask him not to get scared .  That’s when they hear some strange things.  They go out and find that the slave of jin has come.

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