Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 September : Kidnappers hold Kartik and Krishna at gunpoint

At the beginning of the episode, Naira prays to god to help her and provide water for the baby. Naira noticed a red hand pump and move towards it but finds no water in it. Then she saw a tap on the roadside and drank water from it, just after drinking the water the baby in the bump kicked and made Naira calm down and boost her motivation.

Here in the truck, Kartik regains his consciousness and somehow escaped from there taking Krishna with him too. But Mrs. Deasi and his husband notices them and ran towards them. Here Naira founds Kartik’s wallet on the road and thanks to God for the clue.

Here Goenkas and Singhanias were worried and requesting police to speed up their process and find their children as soon as possible.

Kartik and Krishna hide behind the tree and from there Kartik notices Naira standing far away and talking to the shop owners. Mrs. Desai’s husband was finding Kartik and Krishna with a gun in his hand. Kartik remains hidden and gets jumbled on what to do to escape from here. Then Kartik itself handed over himself to them to distract them from Krishna and Naira but woefully Mrs. Desai caught Krishna too and take them back in the truck.

Then Krishna thinks of an idea to make Naira aware of there location. While the truck was leaving Krishna started throwing her belongings on the road through which Naira got a hint and she continues her search.

Episode ends…

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