Yeh Hain Chahtein 26 September : Balraj requested police to arrest the culprit

At the beginning of the episode, While Preesha heads off to meet Yuvraj secretly, Ahana and Mishka spy on them with a wicked aim. Here Yuvraj was trying to engage Preesha in his round talks, While Ahana records a video of Preesha and Yuvraj talking to each other and leaves the place to reach home before Preesha.

Police arrive at the Khurana mansion and started collecting everyone’s cellphones and investigating for the video. As soon as Preesha reached home her cell phone was also being taken by the police. Then Rudraksh asks Preesha about her missing for so long, Preesha was about to say that she had a doubt on Yuvraj and she went to meet him, Police finds that video in Preesha’s cellphone and everyone shocked.

Yuvraj in his house holding a mop and imaging it as Preesha started talking to it alone. Here police show everyone that clip in Preesha’s Phone. Preesha started trembling and Balraj shout’s on her and says her to get out of the house. Preesha started requesting Rudraksh to believe her that she hasn’t recorded such video, Rudraksh taking her side says to everyone that Preesha is telling the truth she hasn’t done anything in between Ahana stopped Rudraksh and blame Preesha for the whole scandal and showed everyone that clip which she has recorded.

Saransh called Vasudha and says her to come fast and save Preesha, or Balraj will throw her out of the house. After watching that clip Rudraksh becomes a little confused and remains silent, Ahana taking the advantage of this blames Preesha for everything and says that she is a big liar. Balraj requested police to arrest the culprit and take her off, Rudraksh stopped and said, no one will touch Preesha as he has full faith in her and she is totally innocent.

Episode ends…

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