Shaadi Mubarak 25 September : Preeti is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Juhi teaches Preeti how to withdraw money from the ATM. Preeti does as she says but accidentally takes 1 lakh instead of 10 thousand. There Rati and Tarun come to KT’s house and tell their parents bad things about Preeti. KT’s mother ignores them and tells them to leave.

There Preeti notices that 2 people are following her. She thinks they are thieves and tries to avoid them. While police inform KT’s uncle about this. His chacha tells this think to the rest of the house and when the police send them the photo of the thief, they are shocked to see Preeti in it.

There Preeti puts color in the eyes of those people and escapes from there. Here, KT arrives at the office. And Preeti also reaches there. Preeti tells KT that she accidentally took out extra money. And she also tells that thieves had fallen after her. Then KT’s uncle calls KT and tells that Preeti used his lost card. Before KT can say anything the police come there.

The police tell KT that Preeti has stolen money. KT tells them everything and apologizes to them. Preeti is confused and asks him who told the police. KT tells him that her uncle did it. Preeti says but he gave her the card himself then why. KT says because he forgot. Preeti gets angry and she leaves.

Juhi informs Sumedha about Priyanka’s strange behavior and Sumedh says he will talk to her. Preeti further tells Kusum about the incident. But Kusum still supports KT. Which annoys Preeti. There KT tells the whole story to his housemates. Episode end.

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