Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25 September : Aman and Roshni defeat the mermaid

At the beginning of the episode, Aman brings food for Roshni and Roshni eats it all. Jalpari says how can Roshni eats it all. Aman says that Roshni has always been fond of eating. Aman then brings noodles that Jalpari eats and goes into a food coma. Aman and Roshni take out the pearl of mermaid and Rubina is trying to discovers through the illume-jin that how Powers can come back. There, Baby drinks a cold drink, from which the drops of the waterfall on the ground and the mermaid becomes conscious. And she takes the pearl from Roshni and says that her time is over. And she brings the door of hell with magic and takes Armaan with her.

Roshni tries to stop her. Aman says she can take him with her but leave Armaan. Roshni says yes she is also ready to walk with him. Jalpari says no because Armaan is going to become the next black jin so only he can go. Everyone gets amazed. Jalpari says that did they do not know whoever kills the black takes his place and is a contender for his post. She starts going with him.

Then Shayari comes and stops him. Rehan says he knows how to close the black hall. He introduces them to Jhumru who tells them that he can help them. Jhumru asks them to find the pearl from which this door was opened. They search for pearls and jhumru searches for keys.

Next, Jhumru gets the key and he closes the door. And the mermaid died. Aman thanks Jhumru. Jhumru returns their powers with the help of pearls.

Shayari tells them the whole story. And Jhumru tells them how his parents sold him to Kale Jin. Jhumaru’s story is like Aman, and he gets sad to hear. Roshni and Aman decide to keep Jhumru with them. The same Rehan behaves strangely, which Shayari notices. Episode end.

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