Qurbaan Hua 28 September : Chahat is in a dying condition

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat fell unconscious on the ground, Niel picks her is his arms and Chahat says him to take her in the cowshed. And then Chahat pointed towards a medical kit in which an antidote was present and ask Niel to inject her, But Niel thinks for while a that he should call a doctor as he didn’t know how to inject and rushed to call a doctor.

Here Vyas ji with his family was worshiping inside the house without waiting for Niel and Chahat. Niel comes to Chahat and says her to relax and says that he will take her to the hospital, but Chahat in her low voice says that much time is not left whatever you want to do, you have to do it here.

Then they decided that Niel will inject her there only, while Chahat picks vial from the kit and was handling it to Niel but it feel down and broke. Then Niel decides to take Chahat to the nearest clinic but just after a moment, he recalls that no vehicles are available as they are sent for servicing.

Then immediate Niel picks Chahat and laid her on a wooden cart and started pulling it with his full efforts. On the way, Niel was continuously saying her to stay awake. While taking her to the hospital Niel also remembers a few past moments how he torched Chahat. As soon as they reached the nearest clinic he found that the clinic was closed and notices Chahat was vomiting blood.

Then Niel break’s the clinic door and gets into the clinic and with the help of Chahat he founded the antidote vial and prepared an injection but he was unable to inject because his hands were shivering, Then he calms himself and then inject the injection.

Chahat says in a low voice that her eyes are flutter and she thinks that it’s now very late. Niel reacts to Chahat words that she can’t die she has live and proof that her father is innocent. And stops her from getting negative thoughts. Chahat started taking deep breaths and after a couple of seconds she takes her last breath and landed her neck down without any further moment and Niel got shocked.

Episode ends…

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