Anupamma 25 September : Anupama finds the ring

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi says that if she does not get the ring, she will buy it this time, saying that Kinjal and her family leave from there. Paritosh says till date his mother has not lost the spoon but lost the ring today. Paritosh says that they should report this to the police. Kamini says whether the ring has been stolen which is to be reported to the police.

Kamini says that the outsiders are also here. Leela looks at Nandni and Kavya. Nandani says they are outsiders but not a thief. Kamini says she meant Jhilmil. Anupama says that she has already told that Jhilmil is not like this. She tells her don’t doubt jhilmil. She says she has complete faith in Jhilmil. Kamini says and if someone breaks the trust. Anupama says then that person will fall from her eyes. Kavya and Vanraj get shocked.

Kavya says if Kamini is right. Anupama says that just as Vanraj has faith in her, so she is on Jhilmil. Kavya tells Vanraj how she can compare her to a servant. Vanraj says she is overthinking whereas Anupama was just giving examples. Kavya says that he and his family’s behavior is not right for her. Vanraj says whatever you want to think, think.

In the morning Kavya tries to serve food to Vanraj. But Anupama says that she will do this. Leela says that this work belongs to the daughter-in-law of the house, not to the guest. Kavya gets angry.

Leela further says that such an expensive ring has disappeared from the house but no one is worried about it. Then Samar comes and says that the ring has been found. Kamini gets shocked. Anupama also looks at the empty box and says that his Paritosh’s happiness returns. Kamini comes to the room to do a ring check and Anupama catches her. Kamini apologizes but Anupama refuses to forgive her. Episode end.

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