Shakti 25th September : A debate between Heer and Jharana

At the beginning of the episode, Heer pacifies her mother and says she is fine. The same Hark takes Soham aside and scolds him for his disgusting plot. Rohan also comes there and asks Soham how he could do this with his dear sister. Rohan tries to convince Soham not to do so. But Soham says that no one can stop him now. Then Preeto says that then he should be ready for the outcome.

Heer and Preeto later find out through a call that Virat has met an accident and they leave for the hospital. Mahi prays for Virat. After some time Heer and others arrive at the hospital and Preeto asks Parmeet about Virat. But Parmeet insults her instead of replying. Preeto is shocked by her behavior and says why she is behaving like this. On which Parmeet says that his son’s condition getting worse only because of Heer.

Jharana also says the same and tells Heer to leave. Heer says until she does not know how Virat is, she will not go anywhere. Parmeet angrily tells her to leave, to which Preeto says they will stay here.

Soham tells Shano how Preeto wins every time and what they should do now. Shano says we should wait till Heer results come. And as soon as the result comes, they will tell everyone that Heer is a eunuch. Soham says that this is a small punishment and Heer deserves a big punishment, so they should do something big.

Heer and Gurminder are talking. Gurminder advises Heer that she should go and meet Virat because everyone is sleeping now. Heer says fine and goes to Virat. Virat is unconscious and Heer cries upon seeing him like this. She tells him to get well soon. And tells how much she loves him and she will never break their friendship. Episode end.

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