Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 September : A Vital clue for Naira

At the beginning of the episode, Naira reached the petrol pump and started peeping in every car in the search of Kartik. And on the other side, Samarath and Niel reached Mrs. Deasi’s house from where they get to know that there is no one in the house and he also gave information about Naira too. While searching suddenly Naira got a strong feeling that Kartik might be in this truck and then she climbs up and saw the big boxes and them she comes down but her cloth got stuck in a nail and she again had a strong feeling that Kartik must be in this truck and them she again climbs up, as soon as she climbs truck started moving and Naira was hanging at the backside of the truck. Samarath and Niel were finding Naira left and right.

At a certain distance, the truck stopped where Naira comes down. Suddenly Naira spotted Krishna sitting in the front seat of the truck, Naira screamed and started running towards the truck but it was too late, but Naira noted the number of the truck and a city name which was written on it. Naira’s phone started ringing as soon as picks Niel started shouting at him and request to reveal her current location but Naira thought that he would not help her to find Kartik and might take her back home, so she disconnected the call.

Naira leaves for Vijaygarh on a local bus. While traveling Naira recalls some special moments spent with Kartik. All Singahanias and Goenkas gathered again in a house and all we’re worried about Naira and Kartik. Here Naira reaches Vijaygarh and started searching for Kartik in between her shoe got torn and she becomes worried and sound’s tired too. But anyhow she manages and tie her shoe with a rope and continues her search. After walking for a few distances Naira gets exhausted and settles down, and prays to God to help her.

Episode end……

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