Yeh Hain Chahtein 25 September : Rahul gifts a luxury car to Yuvraj

At the beginning of the episode, When Ahana was trying to control the media fellows, the crowd present in the function blast out and started throwing empty bottles on Balraj and his family and started howling for the truth. Yuvraj too joins the crowd to have fun. Suddenly Balraj clutches his chest and struggles to breathe and request to take him home as soon as possible. Yuvraj and Rahul congratulate each other for the success of there plan.

In the house all the family members were present, Balraj was holding Rudraksh neckband and shouting at him for the scene which was created from his video and making him responsible for the demolishing of his name in the market and insulting him in front of the world. Rudraksh swears in the name of his brother that he hasn’t made any video and he is completely unaware of this video. After listening to this Balraj leaves his neckband.

Rahul gifts a luxury car to Yuvraj for his efforts and plan which he was trying from a long time ago. Balraj called Rudraksh and says that the jury has canceled his icon award. Balraj decides to catch the culprit who has recorded this video form the IP address of the source. Preesha’s parents leave from the house and Preesha come along with them to see off them, Here Preesha tells the whole story of that night to her parents, after listening to this Preesha’s father hinted her that Yuvraj might have done all this in the sake of revenge form Rudraksh. Then Preesha called Yuvraj and asked him to meet her on the highway within 20 minutes. And Ahana was secretly listening to all these talks. Mish and Ahana follow Preesha to the highway, Here Preesha was interrogating Yuvraj about that video.

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