Barrister babu 25th Sep : Both Bondita and Anirudh are in pain

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh is very angry with Bondita and tells her that he supported Bondita all the time, which was his biggest mistake. He narrates bitter words to Bondita, on hearing of which Bondita weeps. Anirudh says that Bondita is not entitled to get him and his company. And he does not even want to see her face. He tells Bondita to leave his house. He decides to break all his relations with Bondita, on which Bondita is sad and weeps.

Bondita starts packing her luggage and remembers the moments she spent with Anirudh. Koyli advises Bondita to see Anirudh again.

There Anirudh is writing a letter for Bondita’s mother. In which he writes that he wanted to give wings to Bondita. But how to fly can only learn Bondita. Koyli gives Bondita to pack clothes and jewelry, but Bondita refuses to take them. Anirudh also writes that Bondita betrayed him. Bondita tells Koyli that she will only take the memories from here. Anirudh adds that there is hope that Sumati will make Bondita a good person.

After finishing writing Anirudh gives the letter to Saurav and asks him not to ask any questions. Saurav says okay. There, Bihari informs Trilochan that Anirudh has advised Bondita to go to her mother’s place. Trilochan says that is good as Bondita only deserves this. Bihari cries that happiness is going to go with Bondita. Batuk also feels sad.

Mini and Binoy are happy as Bondita is leaving. Mini says she will not have to do any more drama. Binoy tells her to continue the play so that no one is suspicious. Bondita meets and praises Batuk. Batuk cries. Sourav gives her a letter. Bondita tells him to take care of Sampoorna.

Bondita meets Mother Durga and she apologizes for her mistakes and says take care of everyone. Bondita meets Anirudh before leaving the house. She touches his feet and goes away. That same Sampurna becomes unhappy when she knew that Bondita was thrown out of the house. Episode end.

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