Barrister babu 24th Sep : Anirudh asks Bondita to leave his house.

At the beginning of the episode, Tulsipur residents ask for punishment for Bondita, but Trilochan apologizes to them and says that they will make up for their suffering.  Bhowmik says but what about Mini.  How will her eyes get back, how will he compensate for that.  Bhowmik shouts at Trilochan and taunts him.

Mini continues the drama in front of Anirudh and Anirudh supports her.  The same Binoy is happy to think that Mini’s plan worked.  And Bondita’s chapter also came to an end.

Bhowmik tells Trilochan that Bondita deserves punishment and that she should be handed over to the police.  Trilochan ask him not to do so and Mini also stops her father by saying that doing so will not bring back the light in her eyes.  Trilochan apologizes to Mini and Mini is happy.

Trilochan falls ill after this incident and tells Anirudh that his honor is all tarnished and he gets sad.  There, Bondita wishes to God that Trilochan be healed and she gets the misery of his part.

Further, Anirudh remembers the moments he spent with Bondita.  Anirudh is very sad and sits in the study hall.  Then Batuk comes there and tells Anirudh that Bondita’s work was also done by him but he did not know that Bondita is playing these games.  Anirudh tells him to leave.

Anirudh falls asleep with closed eyes and then Bondita comes there and tells him the whole incident from the beginning.  Anirudh gets irritated and scolds her for lying.  On hearing that Anirudh scolded, Bondita starts crying and Anirudh is also sad.  But he tells her to get out of the house.  Episode end.


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