Shakti 24th September : Preeto beats Soham

Shano tells everyone crying that the car is blasted. Shano’s husband does not believe this and says that her mind is disturbed. Soham explains to him that this is true and the police inform them. Next, they all reach an accident-prone place. The policeman tells them that they were found the car empty. Shano says this means everyone flew into the blast. The policeman says no.

Soham does not understand what is happening. Then Preeto calls him and informs him that they all are fine. Preeto recalls how she felt strange when Soham wished them a trip in the morning. And then she notices a strange sound that was coming from the car and found that there are bombs in the car and they ran away. Soham gets angry after hearing all this and Preeto says that Soham had said that he throws a party. So he should prepare for the party and they will come home soon.

Soham gets furious and Mahi scolds him. Shano asks Mahi to stop her play as she too does not like Heer. Mahi says that even though she does not like Heer, she still does not want to kill her. She tells Soham that if he does anything to her daughter, she will not leave him.

Virat is getting ready for the wedding and Jharana also gets ready as a bride. Jharana tells Virat that it all seems like a dream. There Heer has finished her exam and Harak asks her how was his exam. To which Heer replies that it is good.

Virat does not want to get married and is walking alone on the way and is missing Heer. Virat says that Heer used to say that through toast we find out what is right and what is wrong. So he too will find out by toast whether it is right or wrong to stay away from Heer. But before this, a truck hits Virat. And Virat becomes a victim of the accident. There Heer finds something strange and she shouts Virat’s name.

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