Shaadi Mubarak 24 September : KT supported Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti is shocked to see Tarun and others. She gets off the car. KT leaves by saying goodbye to her. Preeti goes ahead and Tarun is about to say something to her but then KT arrives there. KT says that he forgot something and he says that he has to talk to Kusum as well so we should go to Kusum’s house.

Preeti says okay. But as soon as KT and Preeti reach Kusum’s house, KT leaves. And Preeti realizes that KT had only come to help her. Preeti then comes home and Kusum gives her a grand welcome. And says she liked that KT helped her. Then Priyanka also comes there. Everyone asks her how her day was. Priyanka lies that it went very well.

KT and the housemates are playing cards. KT seems tired and his mother asks him to sleep. While KT’s uncle asks him about the ATM card that was lost. KT says that he is not getting anything right now and he asks him to find it. The next morning Preeti prays to God. She reaches the office and someone comes to get money for work. Preeti calls KT. And KT wakes up and thinks he is late again. And then he picks up and says that he is arriving in 10 minutes. Preeti says that if this is the case, then he will come and pay the money himself. KT says okay.

When Juhi is explaining to Kusum that she should not hurry for Priyanka’s wedding, Priyanka comes there and says that she is ready to get married. Preeti has called KT 8 times, but KT still does not come to the office. When Preeti calls KT back and scolds him for his careless nature, KT’s hand over the phone and scold Preeti for that. KT tells his mom to calm down. And then leaves for office.

The man tells Preeti that she is getting late, so it would be good if she makes the payment early. Preeti remembers the ATM card that KT gave her. And she goes to withdraw money from ATM but does not understand how to withdraw money. Episode end.

Precap: Preeti gets accused of theft.

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