Qurbaan Hua 25 September : Chahat takes the poisonous holy offering

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat comes down from the scale and rushed towards her room to catch the lady. Chahat went inside the house and started banging her room door, Gazala becomes scared and turned off the room’s lights and hides. Chahat enters the room and started finding, during this Gazala saw Chahat face and wounder how Chahat is here in Vyas Ji’s house.

Chahat eyes feel on her and she saw someone is standing in the corner of the room and peeping, slowly Chahat moved towards her but Gazala pushed her and escapes from that place. Vyas Ji angrily comes to Chahat and scolded her for leaving the ceremony in between and insulting their family tradition.

Chahat says to Vyas Ji that someone is present in the house and wants to destroy the image of the family and not letting the ceremony go smoothly. Vyas Ji says Chahat to prove it.

Thinking for a while Chahat says that she can prove this and takes the whole family near that egg sack and says that this sack is full of eggs and somebody has brought it to corrupt our religion. And then Jamunaparshad checks the sack with a stick and found grains inside it. And reacting to this Vyas Ji says that he Don’t like lies. Chahat becomes confused and felt helpless. Vyas Ji says to bring the holy offering for Niel and make an end to the ceremony. Godambari brings a ly offering and Niel steeping towards Godambari to take that glass of holy offering. Chahat tries to stop Niel and requests Vyas Ji not to allow Niel to take this. Vyas Ji decides that he will prove Chahat wrong by drinking this. As Vyas Ji was about to drink Chahat snatches the glass and drank all of it, everyone was standing with there shocking face reaction.

Vyas Ji says that he has no time to see the reaction of the poison and all the members left that place. Then Niel started scolding Chahat for her weird behavior and when he was scolding her. Chahat faints and feels down. And when Niel turned he finds Chahat laying on the ground and gets shocked.

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