Anupamma 24 September : Engagement ring is missing

The episode starts with Anupama asks Kavya why she did not complain to Anirudh in the police. Kavya says so that there is no spectacle. Anupama says that Kavya should fight for her rights and should not be afraid of anyone. Further, Kinjal and his family come to Anupama’s house to worship Gol Dhana and see that the door is locked. Kinjal asks why is this door closed. Rakhi says we can only expect this from this family. But then the door opens and Kinjal and her family are shocked to see the grand reception. Anupama and others dance to welcome her. Kavya comes to Vanraj but he walks away from her. Kavya asks him that she is getting ready for him and he is not giving her a look. Vanraj says why did she wear Anupama’s saree, did she give her that saree. Kavya says the thing was Anupama’s, but she liked it and took it. Vanraj says Kavya and his family are two different things that Kavya has to take care of it.

The Goal Dhana ceremony begins and they then distribute gifts. Rakhi says that Kinjal wants to see her engagement ring. Anupama says she will bring it now. Anupama brings the ring from the cupboard and gives it to Kinjal. And asks did she like it. But Kinjal sees that there is no ring in the box. Rakhi informs everyone about this thing. And everyone is shocked. Rakhi taunts, saying that Anupama is very careless. Vanaraj says Anupama can be anything but not careless.

Next everyone discovers the ring. Rakhi says losing an engagement ring is a very bad omen. And they will have to suffer due to Anupama’s mistake. Vanraj gets angry but Jayesh stops him before he says anything to Rakhi. Rakhi says that if Vanraj had fought with her, she would have got a chance to break the engagement. But saved with Jayesh’s smart move. Anupama is searching for the ring and cannot find it and she tells Samar that everything went wrong due to her mistake. Samar comforts her. Episode end.

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