Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24 September : Mermaid wants to take Armaan to hell

The episode starts with Jalpari is freed from captivity. And she says no one can stop her from getting 4 power. Rubina says that she cannot live without water for long and they should run away taking advantage of this. There Kiki called Shayari Kala Jin. And refuses to recognize her. Shayari says Kala Jin is not here and she has come here to get his help. But Kiki starts running away from them.

There, Roshni and Aman start going with Armaan but Roshni says how can they leave the family. Aman also says yes they should not go and the mermaid would have become weak without water anyway. And they should wait till she is completely weak. There the mermaid faints due to lack of water. But then she gets water in the form of dew. And she regains her consciousness. And she snatches Armaan from Roshni. Roshni says leave Armaan. But the mermaid refuses this. And she says she is taking Armaan to hell. And she starts going.

Roshni and others try to stop her. Jalpari says that now this is of no use because she is already defeated. Roshni says that she knows that she has lost but she wants some time. And because she can never make his birthday so today she wants to make his birthday by giving a feast. The mermaid agrees and gives her 15 minutes. However, all this is a plan of Roshni.

There, Kiki is calling Kala Jin’s name again and again. While Rehan tells him that Kala Jin has died. But Kiki doesn’t believe it and jumps into the well of fire. Roshni gives a feast because if a fish eats something, she will go into a food coma. Thus they will be able to take back the power. But the mermaid does not eat anything. Then Roshni forcefully feeds her cake. Rehan asks Shayari to go back home. But then they notice a child. Episode end.

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