Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 September : Naira alone sneak off in the search of Kartik

Naira was worried and was not able to decide what to do. After giving little self-motivation Naira decided to fight with the situation all alone. Naira packs her bag and tie the shoelace tightly and was packing all the necessary things in a bag which was gifted by Kartik. While Goenkas were praying Naira to sneak off.

Gayu was going to Naira’s room with a bowl of soup for her and found a note on the table. And on the other side Naira reached Krishna’s house again and started banging the door. Then the door gets opened by her banging. Naira notices that things were missing from the house, And she doubts that is she in the right house or not and then tried to contact Mrs. Desai, but she didn’t pick. Then she found a chair on which a rope was tied through which she gets a clue that Kartik would be tied here and then she starts crying and kissed her pendant which was gifted by Kartik.

Here Singhania’s visited to meet Naira, But suddenly Gayu comes and says that Naira is missing from her room and read that note for all. Naksh and Samarth leave in the search of Naira. There Naira was contacting few peoples for the clue to reach Kartik as soon as possible. Naira interrogates the watchman standing outside the house and from there she got to know that Mrs Desai, was getting her car repaired near the petrol pump, as soon as she hears this, She rushed towards the petrol pump.

Episode ends….

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