Yeh Hain Chahtein 24 September : Rudraksh Confession clip got viral

In the beginning of the episode, Aahana was asking Yuvraj to share the secret. Then Yuvraj irritates her and Aahana leaves the place quickly and settles down with Balraj in the award function. Both Balraj and Aahana started backbiting against Preesha and her family. Then the award function starts and the female anchor called out Balraj and Rahul on the stage. After giving a speech of thanks they start giving awards in the different categories. Then Preesha brings a surprise gift for Rudraksh which Saransh brought from his savings. And then Preesha thanks Rudraksh for the support he gave to her and Saransh, an emotional moment for the three of them.

Rudraksh was called out on the stage, after reaching the stage Rudraksh give a speech of thanks and sing a song for the people present in the function. Then the anchor says that before calling Rudraksh family on the stage she would like to show a small clip of Rudraksh journey on this platform.

The clip starts and after a few seconds screen flicker and then a video started,. which was recorded by Yuvraj. Within a few seconds all were stunned and watching the video surprisingly. Balraj screams and says to shut down the screen immediately. Then within few seconds media arrived with there questions to Rudraksh and he was speechless. Chahat came in between and stood for Rudraksh and tried to handle the situation.

Then the media cameras were facing Balraj and multiple questions were asked one after one, But he was speechless too. Here Rahul and Yuvraj were feeling happy for the scene which they created and was expecting more fun out of it.

Episode ends….

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