Shakti 29 October : Heer and Virat face a big challenge

At the beginning of the episode, Meher calls Harak and asks about Heer. Harak asks about Sarab. Meher says Sarab is fine. She apologizes to Harak for not being able to come to Heer’s wedding and tells Harak that she had a bad dream in which Heer’s marriage is disturbed. Harak tells her that there can be no hindrance to Heer’s marriage so that she should not worry. Hark hangs up the phone. Virat becomes enchanted by seeing Heer as a bride and gets lost in dreams. Parmeet asks him where he is lost. Heer also asks the same. Virat says that Heer is looking so beautiful that he was lost in his dreams. Next, Heer and Virat dress each other in a garland. While Malika is coming towards Harak’s house. Pandit Ji starts other rituals of marriage.

The police bring Soham food. Soham says that he does not want to eat food, just wants to know who was the man whom he killed. The policeman tells him to sit silently. But Soham decides that he will break Heer’s marriage at any cost. Virat and Heer are performing the wedding ceremony rituals. Preeto prays that there should be no more trouble. Virat fills vermilion in Heer’s maang when Malika comes and stops him. Parmeet asks her why she stopped them? She produced vengeance in the marriage by doing so. Malika says this marriage can’t happen because Heer is a, she is speaking ahead but before she can complete her sentence Preeto slaps her. Heer tells Malika that she does not know why she wants to stop her marriage but she should not do it for her happiness. Preeto holds Malika’s hand and takes her out. And asks her why she is doing this.

Malika says that she had a very bad dream today. In which Parmeet harms Heer. Malika reminds Preeto what torture she did to Soumya and Parmeet will do the same. She adds that Soumya had good luck that she had survived but it is not necessary that Heer has good luck too. There Mahi asks Heer and Virat to perform the wedding ceremony ritual. While Malika tells Preeto to stop the marriage. The words of Malika are echoing in Preeto’s ears. Virat fills vermilion in Heer’s head and then both take pheras. The first round is completed. Along with phera, Virat vows that he will honor Heer’s parents as his parents. By doing this, 4 rounds are completed. 5 Phera starts but Preeto stops them. Heer asks Preeto what happened. Preeto says nothing but opens Heer and Virat’s alliance. And says that in the remaining three phera, Heer will buy Virat.

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