Barrister babu 29 October : Suraiya poses a difficult situation for Anirudh in the bet

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan reveals that Anirudh is alive. There, Anirudh wants to save every woman in the diamond market . Rasiya says that his thinking is correct but there is danger in it. Sourav also agrees with Rasiya and asks him what he will get by taking all these risks. Anirudh says he will achieve peace. He tells that he came in India to fight for the honor of women, then he will fight this battle. Rasiya says if it will be easy to do?

Anirudh says it will not be easy but he will hide the girls in the box. He tells Rasiya that he has lied to Tara that he wants to buy the precious things lying in her basement and Tara agrees. So they can easily execute their plan. Further, Anirudh sees Ramya and threatens her as he thinks that she is Suraiya. But Rasiya tells him that this is not Suraiya, she is her twin sister and she is with them. Anirudh apologizes to her for his mistake and asks if she will do one thing for him. Ramya says yes. Anirudh sends almond rasgulla to Bondita. And Bondita enjoys and eats rasgulla.

Bondita remembers Anirudh while eating rasgulla and sheds tears of happiness. There, Binoy is happy to know that Anirudh is alive. Trilochan says that he is alive and will soon know the secret of Mini. Mini grabs Trilochan’s leg and says don’t tell Anirudh anything otherwise she will die. Trilochan asks her to leave his leg but Mini does not listen to him and knocks him down deliberately. Trilochan’s head hits the table and he collapses. Binoy gets worried after seeing this. And asks Mini to call the doctor.

Suraiya tells Tara that Bondita has not been found. Tara tells her then that she should be ready to die because she will hold this responsible on her in front of the kings. On the other hand, Anirudh has made all the preparations to save other girls and Bondita. While Rasiya taunts Tara that her Gold Chiraiya has run away, what will she do now. Tara says no one can escape from her eyes. The girls are very nervous and says that if Tara finds out something, she will take their lifes. Anirudh assures them that nothing like this will happen.

Suraiya overhears their talk and decides that she will tell this to Tara but Anirudh stops her. Ramya tells her not to make such a mistake and help them. Suraiya says okay but puts a bet in front of Anirudh that first their girl will go from Heera Mandi and then Bondita. Bondita agrees to this. Anirudh also agrees.

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