Shaadi Mubarak 30 October : KT learns about Rati’s plan

KT’s paint breaks at the beginning of the episode. Preeti laughs. KT forbids her to laugh. Preeti apologizes and says she can help him. She asks him to walk with her. KT says that but how can he get into such a situation. Preeti helps him with her sari palu. KT says that he thought that the saree only adorns the woman but today he came to know that the saree protects men too. While Chanda gives money to the waiter.

Priyanka slaps the door on Tarun’s mouth and tells Juhi that Tarun has come. Tarun knocks on the door again. Kusum opens the door and asks him the reason for his coming. Tarun tells her that he came to return Preeti’s money which he had taken for taxis yesterday. Preeti strings KT’s pant and asks KT why he wore such tight pant. KT says because it’s Faison. Preeti says but comfort is also important. KT understands her point.

Chanda turns the mocktail into a cocktail so that Preeti can drink it and spoil the party. Aryan introduces KT and Preeti to his father. Chanda sends cocktails for Preeti.

Rati tells Chanda that but KT will not let Preeti spoil the party. Chanda says don’t worry KT will stay away from Preeti. Sheena then arrives and informs KT and Preeti that Aryan’s car has broken down.

KT goes to the back of the car. Further, KT learns that the car was intentionally damaged by someone. But he fixes the car by himself. There Rati gets her mother’s call and she tells her mother the whole planning. KT is shocked to hear their words. Rati notices KT standing in front of her and gets nervous.

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