Anupamma 30 October : Samar breaks relationship with Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Kinjal learns that Vanraj and Kavya are having an affair. She tries to make understand Paritosh that Vanraj told hin the story and he believed it which is his biggest mistake. Samar listens to their words and runs away. Paritosh goes after him.

Kavya is ready to leave for her house. Nandni asks her why she is leaving. Doesn’t she dare to meet Anupama? Kavya says can she stop taunting her again and again. There is already a lot of trouble in her life. Kavya takes her luggage and leaves from there. Vanraj is watching Kavya through the window. He calls her and says it is good that she is leaving from here. She can now breathe comfortably and he too will come to meet her. Kavya taunts Vanraj that perhaps she has not yet understood what a person he is.

Kavya leaves from there and is confronted by Anupama and she leaves in a hurry. Jhilmil asks Anupama what happened that she fell ill. Anupama comforts her that nothing has happened to her so she should not worry.

Paritosh is searching for Samar but Samar goes to Vanraj. He calls Vanraj shameless. And says that he will pay the debt of his deception today. And from today he snatches the right of Vanraj to be his father. Now he will die for calling him his son. Samar remembers all those incidents when Kavya tries to come to Vanraj. He cries but muses up courage so that he can give courage to Anupama.

Leela feels that Anupama’s behavior has changed for some reason. She then thinks about Kavya and asks Vanraj about her. Devika also comes there and troubles Vanraj with her questions. Anupama serves tea to everyone but does not serve Vanraj. Vanraj gets up from there and says that he is leaving for work. Leela sees all this and gets confused.

Anupama goes to give Samar a burger. Then Samar dedicates a song for Anupama to encourage her. He dances with her and lightens Anupama’s mind. Vanraj loses his temper after thinking about Anupama and Kavya and thinks to calm himself.

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