Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 30 October : Roshni reveals that Rubina is her aunt

At the beginning of the episode, Rubina tells Roshni that she is ready to give her heart. She says that perhaps she understood that she is not fit for the angel’s heart. And anyway there is a lot of difference between them. Roshni says but they have one thing in common and that is their blood because she is his brother’s daughter.

Rubina says is she giving her heart because she is her aunt. Roshni says no, she came to know today that she is her aunt and she wants to give heart because she always supported her. Rubina says but how can she believe her. Roshni tells her to trust her brother’s daughter.

Rubina thinks she can believe Roshni but cannot believe Aman as Aman will definitely do something to save Roshni. She tries to use Ilme Jin to get answers to her questions, which shows her that the spot of Roshni is in the tomb after the golden sun. She is happy to know this. On the other hand, Aman is finding out about the sword and he is given the answer to his questions by Roshni’s birds.

Aman calls Bazigar for help and Roshni asks him the reason for this. Aman says that Baazigar has become fat, so he is going to roam. Roshni laughs at his talk and she tells him that she will cook food for him today which he will have to eat. Aman says okay and also thinks about making a sword.

Rehaan and Shayari find out that the book of Ilme Jin that they have is real and they can help Aman and Roshni with it. Roshni is cooking for Aman but then she notices a glow and thinks that maybe it wants to give her a message. Aman is trying to make a sword there.

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