Shakti 30 November 2020 Written Update : Simran wants to kill herself

At the beginning of the episode, Simran gets upset after remembering Parmeet’s words.  She thinks that everyone is upset with Heer and Parmeet can kill her child too.  There Virat scolds Heer.  Heer says she is already upset, so why is he bothering her more.  Simran thinks that it would be better if she dies.  Because if she dies, no one will be able to get her abortion and no one will bother Heer.  Simran hangs the noose.

Virat says but he is sad to think that Parmeet is angry with Heer.  Heer says no problem she will fix everything soon.  That’s when Heer and Virat get a sound from Simran’s room and go towards her room.  Baksha and Parmeet also come there.  They break the door.  They are shocked to see Simran.  Virat and Daljeet save Simran.  Heer brings Simran to her senses.

Simran asks Heer why she saved her.  She says she does not want to get an abortion.  Arjun has betrayed her, but what is the fault of her child.  She adds that it would have been better if she had died.  Parmeet agrees with this and says Simran is saying exactly right if she was dead then it was fine.  Baksh tells Parmeet to calm down.  Parmeet does not listen to him and says that she will kill Simran’s child today.  Heer tries to stop Parmeet.  But Tejinder grabs Heer’s hand.  Heer asks the goddess to show her some way.

Heer stops Parmeet saying that she will get Simran married.  Tejinder says is Heer crazy?  Who will marry Simran?  Heer asks for 24 hours. In 24 hours she will find a groom for Simran. Parmeet gives 24 hours to Heer.  Heer confidently tells that she will find a good boy for Simran. Ahead, Heer comes to Preeto’s house with a drum.  Preeto asks Harak to find out who is making noise at their house.  Harak opens the door and finds Heer.  Everyone is shocked to see Heer. Preeto asks Heer what she wants now. Heer goes towards Rohan. She asks him to marry Simran. Preeto and others stand shocked.

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