Barrister babu 30 November 2020 written update : Bondita shut Mini’s mouth

At the beginning of the episode, Greenwood asks Anirudh to tie a dog’s neck around his neck to prove that he has accepted their slavery.  Binoy throws the strap and says that it will never happen, he is Anirudh Roy Choudhary and no one can enslave Anirudh while he is there.  Anirudh tells Binoy to remain calm.  He tells Binoy not to worry as he will manage everything.  Mini wants to tie a strap around Anirudh’s neck.  While doing so she laughs after seeing the picture on the slate and says is it Anirudh and the girls.  She shows the picture to Greenwood and the two laugh at Anirudh.

Greenwood says that Anirudh should accept slavery or else he will have to bear a whip.  He is about to flog him but then Bondita and other girls come there and stop Greenwood.  Trilochan also comes with the villagers.  Anirudh says the challenge starts from now on. They all are happy.

Greenwood says why are they celebrating as they have won.  That’s when school teachers come.  Trilochan says what will this teacher help him, he himself takes a sabbatical from the British.  Anirudh says that the Principal is a good man, his thinking is a little bit wrong, that the woman cannot read, but this thinking will change soon.  Principal says but first they should get to meet the boy.  Mini introduces her team to Anirudh and the others. She calls out the boys one by one.

Anirudh thinks that Mini’s team boys are very clever so he has to work hard on the girls.  Trilochan says how girls will win the competition.  The Principal asks the girls to introduce them.  Mini says she will introduce herself.  Mini introduces the girls as losers.  Bondita gets irritated and introduces everyone and silences Mini.

Anirudh plays applause for Bondita. He says If these girls get an education, they will go much further and no one could stop them. While Navroj says the competition will have two parts. physical and mental. He is lecturing but Greenwood interrupts him. He says these girls lose in the first competition, then there is no need to give a long lecture. Navroj says fine. He turns his words and gives girls and boys his best wishes. Later Trilochn asks Bondita to fight and win like Arjun. Bondita nods.

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