Shakti 6 November 2020 Written Update : Preeto warns Parmeet

At the beginning of the episode, Gurminder offers tea to Virat, but Virat refuses and says that he too is fasting. Parmeet tells him not to do such plays and tells that the fast is only for women. Virat says that his wife is his god, so that he will fast for her. Sant says that nowadays, boys are strange who consider women as god and worship them. Daljit make understand Virat that he should not behead women because then the same spoiled women cause trouble for them. Virat denies his words and says that his wife is lovely, so he will make her sit on his head and also worship her. Further, Parmeet invites Preeto to make the Karvachoth festival at her house. Preeto is happy to receive her invitation and informs Harak as well and gets excited to meet Heer.

Further, the entire family of Sant dances at Karvachauth festival. Heer dreams that Parmeet has accepted her as a daughter. But Preeto’s voice breaks her dream. Heer’s happiness disappears upon seeing Preeto. While Preeto is excited to meet Heer. She is about to go to Heer, but Parmeet stops her and says she wants to introduce Preeto to her guests. Parmeet introduces Preeto by saying that Preeto is half mother-in-law of Virat. People ask what she means by half. Parmeet tells them about the half wedding. Everyone laughs at Preeto. Virat tries to stop Parmeet, but Sant interrupts him and asks him to stay silent.

Everyone asks if Heer is half too like their marriage. People say that those who are half are eunuchs. Preeto and others are shocked to hear the eunuch words. Heer tells Preeto to leave from there as she cannot bear any further humiliation of her. Preeto says that she will go only after completing the worship of Karvachauth. She tells Parmeet that even though they share a half relationship, they must have completed the ritual of Karvachauth. Parmeet is unable to answer Preeto and agrees to perform the ritual of Karvachauth.

Virat and Heer open each other’s fast. Virat tells Heer that he is very hungry, so they should go for dinner. Virat and Heer leave from there. Preeto offers ladoo to Parmeet. Parmeet asks her to feed her ladoo with her own hands. Preeto does the same. And as soon as Parmeet chews ladoo, a stone comes into her mouth. Parmeet gets shocked while Preeto pushes more ladoos in her mouth and asks her how it feels when a stone comes into the mouth while eating. Preeto warns her not to play with Heer, and otherwise, she will sue her. Parmeet says she will soon take revenge on her.

On the other hand, Heer and Virat are sharing time with each other. Virat apologizes to Heer for Parmeet’s actions. Heer says that the mistake is not of Parmeet, but Preeto, then there is no need for sorry. Heer advises Virat that now Virat should not fight with Parmeet and Sant on this topic. Virat gives her no answer.

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