Barrister babu 6 November 2020 written update : Binoy suspect Anirudh

At the beginning of the episode, Dida tells Mini that Anirudh has brought Bondita, so what will she do now. Mini says that Anirudh still believes her, so she will use his faith and convince Anirudh to marry her, and then the drama of her becoming an idol of goodness, blindness will end. Anirudh is listening to their words and then deliberately makes a voice. This makes the Mini alert, and she reverses the talk. Dida asks Anirudh why he came here in the morning. Anirudh says that he has come to invite Mini and Bhowmik for breakfast. Mini gets happy, and Anirudh leaves from there. Further, Bondita is sharing time with Trilochan. Then Anirudh comes there and asks Bihari to prepare breakfast for Mini and Bhowmik. Bihari makes faces as he does not like Mini, and Anirudh is asking him to prepare breakfast for her. Bondita says that she does not want to have breakfast with Anirudh and her friends. But Anirudh ignores her and doesn’t pay attention to Bondita words. Bondita gets angry, and she promises that she will reveal the truth of Mini.

Bondita stands up in front of Anirudh with a puffed mouth. Anirudh smiles upon seeing her. While the same time, Binoy asks Bhowmik and Mini to have breakfast. Meantime Bihari tells Bondita whether he should adulterate Mini’s breakfast. Bondita refuses and says guests are like a god, so they should not do anything like that. Bihari agrees with her. Further, Anirudh asks Bondita to join him at the breakfast table. Binoy gets irritated with it.

Anirudh tells Bhowmik and Mini that he wants to take Mini to London for her eye treatment. Bondita tells Anirudh that Mini’s eyes are fine, and she does not need treatment. Anirudh tells her to shut up. Bondita gets angry, and she leaves.

Further, Anirudh shoots Mini through his words and taunts her. Mini, Bhowmik, and Binoy find Anirudh’s words strange. Binoy takes Bhowmik out for a conversation. While Anirudh takes Mini with him and gives her a rose and says that he wants to reveal his feelings to her tonight, so will she comes to meet him. Mini says yes.

Binoy tries to convince Bhowmik that Anirudh’s behavior is strange, and he also suspects his antics. Bhowmik also agrees with him. Bihari is packed Anirudh’s baggage, and Bondita wears Anirudh’s coat. Anirudh comes there and asks her why she is wearing his coat. Bondita says because she is freezing. Anirudh asks her if she does not see the shining sun. Bondita says that she can see it, but Anirudh does not see Mini’s clear lie like the shining sun. Binoy is listening to their words. Bondita gets angry with Anirudh because he is ignoring her words. While Anirudh feels sorry for Bondita as he can’t tell her that he knows everything.

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