Shaadi Mubarak 7 November 2020 Written Update : Rati caught KT red-handed

At the beginning of the episode, Baldev explains to KT that he does not know the village’s thinking so it is better if he listens to him. KT says okay and says that he will now be preparing for the turmeric function. He is about to wear a paint shirt, but Baldev asks him to wear a dhoti kurta. KT says he didn’t know how to wear a dhoti. Baldev teaches him. Next everyone praises Preeti and thanks to her as she made their work easy. Preeti smiles and starts working on the laptop. Everyone asks her if she knows how to run a laptop. Preeti says yes and teaches them how to turn on the laptop. Kusum tells the family about Preeti’s big office. Suman says that Preeti went to the city and grows a lot and they remained the same.

Preeti says that she also grows a lot by sending her daughter abroad for studies. Next, Bhua comes to KT who is struggling to wear a dhoti. Bhua sees him struggling and laughs and asks KT to help her. She tells KT she wants to say a few words in the honor of Preeti and he is the king of the dialog, so can he write something for her. KT asks her to tell him what she wants to say to Preeti and he will write the writer accordingly.

Bhua first praises Preeti and then says that Preeti is smart enough to work with a married man so that no one takes her character on the finger. KT is sad to hear Bhua and decides to tell Preeti the truth. Preeti gets information that the confectioner has come, she goes to the kitchen. KT follows her. Preeti notice that Kitchen’s tap is gets damaged she is fixing it but KT comes there and interrupts her. Water flow increases and KT and Preeti get wet.

Preeti thinks that if someone sees them like this, they will get it wrong and she tells KT to leave the kitchen. But KT says that he wants to talk to her. Preeti says they will talk on the phone. KT says they can’t talk on the phone. Only then someone lock the door. Preeti begs KT to leave from here. KT says that he did not steal anything then why should he run like a thief. Preeti says then she will go. But KT stops her and says that although he does not agree with her thoughts he will go out for here.

Preeti says her thinking is not like that. But the people of the village think like this and they have to walk accordingly. KT says okay and jumps out from the window. At the same time, Rati talks to her mother there and tells them that she does not like the village at all. Next, Rati notices KT, then asks her why he jumped from the window. KT gives no answer to her.

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