Sharad Malhotra sports a cool attitude!

That Sharad Malhotra’s recent Dubai expedition along with his better half Ripci Bhatia was super fun is evident from his social media posts. His recent Instagram post showcases the different moods of the actor. “Keep ur feet firmly on the ground except for Kodak moments like these …,” he captioned the photos.  Sporting a brick-read jeans jacket over a white t-shirt, shredded blue pair of denim and perfectly combed hair, Malhotra looks dapper and happy. Well, the actor has quite an enviable collection of jackets and denim.  “Yes I love jackets… I’m particular about what I wear and my mood sort of dictates my choice of clothes. Keeping it simple yet fashionable is what I prefer. My choice is governed by comfort. Having a fashion designer wife is a plus (laughs softly). Ripci is my go-to person every time I need any help,” he continues, “Also, holidays get the best out of me. This time around things was different. We all were stuck at home, not sure when can go for a vacation. So this holiday was special… I love visiting Dubai not just because of how beautiful and welcoming it is but also for my fans in the city.”

The actor planned this time off after his show Naagin 5 got over. The idea was to rejuvenate before getting back to the daily grind. And Malhotra did have a fabulous time and is back in Mumbai now and is busy considering the offers at hand. “I am reading scripts and discussing projects. I have liked two-three things but have not signed up on anything as of now. Talks are on, let’s see what falls into place,” says Malhotra, who is open to TV, films and the web. He has been approached for music videos too.  “An artist just needs a platform and audience. I don’t want to restrict myself into just one medium but explore everything that is challenging and exciting that comes my way. I enjoy performing different characters having different shades. If the story and my part are good enough, I can even perform on the streets and entertain my audience. I value the art more than everything else,” he adds.