Shivankar Arora’s latest short film Infertility, starring Rushad Rana and Ritu Chaudhary, is streaming on Content Ka Keeda

Shivankar Arora has recently directed and produced a short film titled Infertility. The socially driven drama is available on their YouTube channel Content Ka Keeda.

“This film has been dealt with in a beautiful way showcasing how infertility is a disease, a medical condition that needs to be spoken about. I was glad to be a part of it and loved the way it was written by my sister, Shipra Arora (writer and co-producer of the project),” he says.

Rushad Rana and Ritu Chaudhary play pivotal roles in the film. Talking about the casting and the experience of directing them, Shivankar adds, “They were comfortable with their roles and also with each other since they know one another from ages. Irrespective of being acquainted, they never worked with one another. So this is their first film together and it happened to be with Content Ka Keeda (smiles). We couldn’t be more delighted about that. Ritu and Rushad both are very talented actors and I am so glad I could direct them together.”

There is a reason why Shivankar decided to make a film on infertility. He wanted to address the taboos attached to it.

“Infertility is an important topic that needs attention. Usually the moment one hears the word infertility, they connect it to a feminine issue or equate it to someone’s self-created inability. It’s important to make people understand that it’s a common problem between both genders. In India itself the prevalence of male infertility is 23%,” he shares.