Tanya Hope on friendship with Bhumika Chawla: Feels nice to talk to someone who has experienced it all!

From seeking her advice on work to just sharing a great bond, actress Tanya Hope says that she treasures the bond she shares with actress Bhumika Chawla. The actress adds that the latter has always helped her and she will always be grateful to her for that.

“We share a great bond and she often advises me. She has been in the industry and knows everything about it. I asked her about a lot of things. It helps so much to have someone who you can actually speak to about these things. Someone who has already experienced it. It felt really nice to have someone understand what you are saying. I have so much love and respect for her,” says Tanya, who has worked in more films down South such as Thadam (Tamil), Dharala Prabhu ( Tamil) Disco Raja ( Telugu), Yajamana (Kannada) and  Amar (Kannada).  She was recently seen in the song Blue Naina.

Talking about how the two met, Tanya says, “I met Bhumika on the sets of our movie, Idhe Maa Katha and, at first, I was unsure about how to approach her. But she was really warm and we clicked immediately. I got to know her closely during the shoot of the movie. I gelled with her son Yash as well, he is about seven to eight years old. We have been in touch since then.”