Team ‘Anupama’ wishes good health and success to Rajan Shahi on his birthday

Rajan Shahi, the man behind the chart-topping show “Anupama”, is turning a year older on December 3. The cast of the show is grateful to the ace producer for giving them an opportunity to bring such amazing characters to life. Here’s what they have to say on his birthday:

Sudhanshu Pandey: I would like to wish Rajan Shahi a very happy birthday. He is a friend, a brother, and someone who has given me one of the most recognised characters of my life which is Vanraj Shah. He is someone who has always created magic on-screen with his sheer passion and obsession with his work and that is the best part about him. He has been one of the best producers, he is loved by everyone, and I would like to wish him a blessed, happy, and healthy life. I would also like to send a message to him, ‘Rajan, take it easy, and enjoy your life too.’ He is always working passionately and I would like him to sit back and enjoy his life. Happy birthday once again.

Rupali Ganguly: My birthday message for him would be of course to stay healthy and happy always and remain the way he is. He’s like the shining light of Director’s Kut Productions. He has brought light into a lot of people’s lives through his shows, and his vision, and may he continue to spread it. His main focus is to send a message to society through ‘Anupama’ and I hope he continues to do that. May he continue to be feisty and visionary and much more. Wishing him happiness and a lot of love in his life. May God bless him for being the wonderful person that he is. For me, he is a mentor and my only feeling towards him is of gratitude. I respect him a lot and look up to him.

Gaurav Khanna: A very happy birthday to the best storyteller I have ever worked with. I would just like to say that he’s the one responsible for creating the character of Anuj on ‘Anupama’, a show which the audience loves. So all thanks to him and because it’s his birthday I would like to wish him all the success and prosperity. He’s a spiritual personality so I’m sure he’ll be traveling to get the blessing from the almighty. And I would request him to pray for all of us. Working with Rajan Shahi is great because he is not one of those producers who will not interfere in the process, though he is always there and doing his thing and creating magic, he also gives us a lot of space to spread our own wings. I am happy to be working with him.

Madalsa Sharma: I am indebted for life to Rajan sir because he created Kavya. I am short of words but would like to wish him all the name, fame, and prosperity. May God give him all he desires. My experience in his production house has been great and fulfilling as an actor.

Alpana Buch: Wishing a very happy birthday to Rajanji. On his birthday, I will take the opportunity to thank him for giving me the character of Leela. Rajanji, I owe my success to you and everyone at DKP. I have learned so many things during my journey in Anupama. You have always stood by the actors and made this serial such a big hit. Once again thank you very much for what I am today. May god give all the happiness to you. Keep rocking sir. Happy Birthday to you once again.

Aashish Mehrotra: He has been my mentor and guiding light. I feel he has been the most successful producer because he is a great human being. Also, he has this risk-taking ability which makes him different from the others who follow a usual path. He is a well-sorted person who knows his purpose on the planet. I wish him a very happy birthday. Wishing him good health and an even more impactful life ahead. More power to him. Love and respect always.

Muskan Bamne: Happy birthday to you sir. I pray that you continue to make superhit shows and keep entertaining the audience. Rajan sir is the coolest producer ever. I have never seen anyone as involved as he is. Also, I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to play Pakhi. Happy birthday once again and may you have a wonderful year ahead full of prosperity and good health.

Sagar Parekh: I would like to wish Rajan sir a very Happy Birthday. May he stay blessed with all the health and happiness. Of Course when it comes to working with him, it’s a great experience. This is the first time I’m working with him and I think it feels like home because the treatment is so good for the artists as well as the whole team. It is definitely a pleasure working with him and I think he is fantastic. He is brilliant. He is always up for new ideas and he asks for our suggestions as well in the track, whether we are liking it or not. The communication is there between the producer and the artist. So it’s really great to have such people around and a producer like this.