Teri Meri Dooriyan 15th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Sahiba visits gurudwara and looks for help from it’s worker to let her visit there for a couple of days as she has no spot to remain. Worker says she has this gurdwara and takes her to show a room. Angad thinks where Sahiba probably gone, faults Diljeet for every one of the issues and decides to rebuff him. He calls Sahiba and asks where is she. Sahiba requests that he quit calling her over and again and cautions him not to annoy her. Angad says he needs to protect Akeer from Diljeet and is stressed for her. Sahiba says he shouldn’t and detaches call. Angad thinks she is telling this out of frustration and gets back to her, yet she separates call. He gets another call and says he is coming.

Sahiba goes into gurudwara room. Diljeet strolls behind her and asks how is she. Sahiba stands stunned. Brars face Keerat for liberating Sahiba. Keerat concurs that she got Sahiba out of Brar house, she helped a mother rather who was bound and avoided her child, she did nothing off-base. Sahiba asks Diljeet how dare he is to come here. Diljeet says he spent numerous years in guruduwara when he was a vagrant, however presently he has a family and will successfully get her and Akeer. Sahiba says he utilized Akeer to get her, she despises him and won’t ever let him close to her. Manveer reprimands Keerat for supporting her sister conflicting with them. Jasleen says they cautioned her not to help Sahiba, but rather she didn’t pay attention to them. Garry strolls in with Angad and says he ought to be rebuffed then for supporting Sahiba.

Diljeet lets Sahiba know that he feels terrible that she is remaining in a gurudwara rather than his extravagant house. Sahiba says he is alarming Akeer by getting him far from his mom. Diljeet says Akeer is getting a charge out of with the toys he gave him, soon he will cause him to fail to remember her and make him disdain her like he made him can’t stand Angad. He strolls close to her. Sahiba cautions him to avoid her. Diljeet says in the event that she embraces him like she embraced Angad, he will fix everything. Sahiba says she won’t satisfy any of his requests. Diljeet says she needs to. Sahiba says he is so foul leaning. Diljeet says on the off chance that she figures Angad will protect her, she is off-base as Angad can do nothing. Sahiba conceals herself in a room. Diljeet says she can’t escape from him and leaves singing Sun Sahiba Sun… tune.

Jasleen lets Garry know that she feels cheerful seeing him back him. Garry asks her for what valid reason she is addressing him pleasantly after he helped Sahiba. Jasleen asks how did he respond. Keerat says Garry had given proclamation that Sahiba isn’t engaged with Akeer’s seize and got her out of prison. She inquires as to whether he met Sahiba. Angad says he and Sahiba met at Diljeet’s home to safeguard Akeer, yet Diljeet didn’t allow them to meet Akeer; Diljeet is really rich now and stays in a cottage, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how did Diljeet get such a lot of cash. Garry says he found out about Diljeet’s abhorrent goals towards Sahiba, he will rebuff Diljeet. Angad says they need to initially find out where did Diljeet get such a lot of cash from, Garry won’t utilize viciousness like Diljeet.

Amu sees Angad with Garry, reviews Harneet recommending her that she will wed Angad and will help him in Akeer’s matter. She strolls to Angad and inquires as to whether he is heading outside. Angad says he will meet legal counselor in regards to Akeer’s matter. Amu says she will go with him. Garry says she shouldn’t as it’s Angad’s own matter. Sahiba arrives at Diljeet’s home and requests that gatekeepers let her go in as her child is inside. Diljeet sees her and calls her wary’s number. Sahiba inquires as to for what reason is he calling her alert’s number, for what reason don’t she let him come in and meet Akeer. Diljeet says she should come in forever if she has any desire to meet Akeer.

Precap: Sahiba lets Diljeet know that she just got scorn from Angad and carved out opportunity to grasp Diljeet’s adoration. She requests that he fix the ring he got for herself and acknowledge him as his significant other as her actual joy is with him and Akeer. She drops ring and requests that Angad help her pick her ring.