Teri Meri Dooriyan 16th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Sahiba reprimands Diljeet for not letting her inside his home and meet Akeer. Diljeet says she will come in for all time and be his significant other to meet Akeer. Sahiba declines. Watch requests that she leave. Sahiba thinks she wants to discover another method for getting down on Akeer. Diljeet figures how should Sahiba surrender with such ease, is she truly Sahiba from Panesar who won’t ever surrender. Angad meets his attorney and lets him know that he has no legitimate verification that Akeer is his child, so he needs to perform DNA verify it. Attorney guarantees him that they will go lawful way and rebuff Diljeet for his egregious demonstration. Diljeet gets back to Akeer. Akeer requests him to call mamma. Diljeet says awful uncle Angad isn’t allowing her to free. Akeer inquires as to whether he fears terrible uncle. Diljeet says no and leaves seething. He calls Harneet and tells her that his child is thinking he fears Angad, he wants to accomplish something now.

Sahiba plays a manikin show to earn Akeer’s consideration. Akeer hears her melody, looks from window, and gets cheerful seeing his mamma. He runs towards her. Sahiba opens entryway and runs towards him. Watches stop them both and drag Sahiba out of the entryway. Akeer argues to let him go t his mamma. Diljeet strolls to him. Akeer asks who are these individuals who are removing his mamma. Diljeet says they are terrible uncle’s kin who are not allowing his mamma to meet him. Akeer holds Sahiba’s pre-arranged manikin and says mamma used to make these manikins in Panesar. Diljeet reviews their more joyful days in Panesar and says they were so blissful in Panesar, yet awful uncle demolished everything. Akeer asks when will they get back their sovereign mother. Diljeet says once terrible uncle saves her and signs gatekeepers to remove Sahiba.

Angad with Garry and his legal advisor sits tight for Diljeet and lashes out when he doesn’t on time. Diljeet’s legal counselor says Diljeet is an extremely bustling man and needs time. Garry says Diljeet misled somebody and became rich short-term. Attorney requests that he have some tolerance. He calls Diljeet. Diljeet disregards attorney’s call and plays carrom with Akeer. Akeer says he will consider manikin as sovereign mamma uncle his mamma comes. Diljeet takes selfie with Akeer and says he missed him a ton. Akeer says they would have appreciated more in the event that mamma was with them. Diljeet syas we should when his mamma returns, however at the present time his mamma needs to battle with awful uncle. He gets legal advisor’s call once more and requests that Akeer proceed to make drawinings. Akeer leaves. Diljeet thinks he burned through Angad’s part of time, now is the right time to stun him more.

Diljeet calls his attorney and lets Angad know that he can’t come today as he is occupied with dealing with Angad. Angad yells. Diljeet says he isn’t reckless like Angad and loves his child a great deal. He sends selfie to attorney and requests that he show it to Angad. Angad says he illuminated his attorney what he really wants. Diljeet says he realizes he needs Akeer and can visit his home with Sahiba when he calls him. Angad says he would rather not take Sahiba to Diljeet, yet maverick Diljeet won’t concur. Garry inquires as to whether Sahiba will concur. Angad says Sahiba needs to concur or, in all likelihood they can’t meet Akeer. Sahiba reviews her more joyful days with Akeer and Diljeet and thinks the individual whom she confided in most deceived him. She asks god for what valid reason she needs to confront such a lot of hardships to meet her child and goes to show her a good method for meeting her child.

Precap: Sahiba lets Diljeet know that she just got contempt from Angad and found opportunity to grasp Diljeet’s affection. She requests that he fix the ring he got for herself and acknowledge him as his better half as her actual bliss is with him and Akeer. She drops ring and requests that Angad help her pick her ring.