Teri Meri Dooriyan 17th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Arminder asks Manveer for what valid reason Angad and Garry went to meet a legal counselor. Manveer says Angad is Garry’s dad and he is making an honest effort to protect Akeer from Diljeet. Jasleen says Garry loves his sibling and is helping him. Arminder inquires as to why Amu needs to experience in this, she is attempting to help Angad, yet Angad is disregarding her. Manveer says Amu is an experienced young lady and figures out Angad’s circumstance. Harneet strolls to them and says she is worn out on all the new show and is going to a party this evening. She demands Manveer and Jasleen likewise to join her. Manveer asks whose party. Harneet says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea yet her companion Dimple welcomed her to her companion’s party. Manveer inquires as to whether same Dimple went with them to Goa. Harneet says OK. Arminder says he will go to the party without a doubt.

Jasleen says her companions were likewise examining about this party from another rich man around, she is amazed why they are not welcomed. Harneet says allows each of the 3 to go to party and partake in a ton this evening. Manveer and Jasleen concur. Amu says they will take even Angad along. Manveer says he is caught up with saving his child. Angad and Sahiba head towards Diljeet’s home. Their nok jhok begins the way.

Harneet with her family, Manveer, and Jasleen arrive at party scene. Dimple invites them. Manveer acquaints her with Jasleen. Dimple salutes Manveer and Harneet for going to become family members soon. Angad strolls in straightaway. Amu joyfully embraces him and says Manveer told he won’t go to the party. Manveer and Jasleen stroll to him and inquire as to for what reason didn’t he let them know that he will go to this party. Angad asks who welcomed them to this party and who owns this party. They say they don’t have any idea. Sahiba strolls to Angad. Arminder blows up and inquires as to for what reason did Angad bring his ex here. Manveer blows up on Angad. Angad says it’s Diljeet’s home and they are here to save Akeer. Jasleen says they don’t have any idea what is Diljeet doing.

Precap: Sahiba lets Diljeet know that she just got scorn from Angad and carved out opportunity to grasp Diljeet’s adoration. She requests that he fix the ring he got for herself and acknowledge him as his significant other as her actual joy is with him and Akeer. She drops ring and requests that Angad help her pick her ring.