Teri Meri Dooriyan 20th April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Sahiba sees Jasleen grinning at Akeer and believes assuming Jasleen is Akeer’s mysterious companion. She then, at that point, sees Angad likewise wearing shoes and supposes to remove Akeer from her, it shouldn’t be. Angad takes a gander at her and leaves when Manveer calls him. Sahiba thinks something is off-base. Diljeet asks what occurred. Sahiba says Akeer’s mysterious companion is genuine and not creative mind. Sahiba says he is certain Akeer is envisioning. Sahiba says a mother gets an instinct when her kid is going to cause problems. Diljeet says fail to remember it, how about we go in and ask. They every one of the 3 supplicate. Sahiba trusts Angad isn’t secret companion and implores god to safeguard her child. She attaches a defensive string to Akeer.

Amu strolls in with her folks and requests that Harleen get in. Harleen hears a kid’s voice and deserted her infant conceived illegitimately in same gurudwara. She feels sleepy. Diljeet holds her and makes her sit. Arminder and Amu show their anxiety for herself and request that he deal with herself. Harleen trusts that child is fine. Specialist sees Sahiba’s specialty and says she is painting the wall all around well. Sahiba inquires as to whether Diljeet got his clinic window fixed. Specialist says OK and inquires as to whether she can paint his clinic’s new pediatric ward. Sahiba concurs.