Yeh Hain Chahatein 20th April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Kashvi lets Aditya know that might be he approached Mahesh to do that cruelly act with Isha to trap Arjun. Aditya says he dont need to sit around in contention and comes clean with that Mahesh himself will uncover. He says he will look through Mahesh. The retailer sees Mahesh going to the hotel and illuminates police. The Examiner tells Kashvi that Mahesh’s area is found. They go there. Kashvi defies Vandana for her untruths. Vandana says she is Vandana. Kashvi slaps her and tells that you have diverted Arjun and took him with you to trap him. She asks Mahesh, for what reason did he assist Vandana with eloping. Mahesh tells that he caused her to run off on Aditya’s maxims and tells Aditya… that you have given me keys and requested that I run off with her. Aditya asks when did I ask you. Kashvi says you have established Mahesh and Natasha to trap Arjun. Mahesh lets Aditya know that you just told me. Vandana asks Mahesh not to lie and tells that he is engaging in extramarital relations with her. Aditya shows the photographs and says we have the verifications. Mahesh lets Kashvi know that he doesnt realize what’s going on here? Vandana says I informed him to take me out, else she will uncover him. A fb is shown, she undermines him and he comes to free her and says he has taken keys from sir and lady’s room. fb closes. Kashvi inquires as to for what reason did you let him know that you will uncover him, what you is familiar with him. Vandana tells that she used to adore him 10 years back when they were in a similar school, and tells that because of her folks’ complaint, she quit gathering him. She says I met him following 10 years when I came to Faridabad, and afterward we have crossed every one of the cutoff points.

A fb is shown, Vandana slams into Mahesh and gets cheerful seeing him. He helps her pick the vegetables, holds her hand and says I missed you a great deal and I love you. She embraces him. He takes him to a house and get physical with her. She tells that following day she came to realize that he deceived me, misled me and utilized me. A fb is shown, They express their adoration for one another. He gets up and goes to washroom. Vandana hears Shanti’s message asking him come as child is missing him. He emerges from restroom. Vandana defies him and inquires as to whether he is hitched. He says OK, however his better half isn’t reasonable to satisfy his actual requirements now and says we loved it when we do it. She says she did it for affection and asks him not to meet her once more. fb closes.

Mahesh tells that he is blameless and didnt have any undertaking or love with Vandana, and didnt get close with her. Kashvi says they tracked down Sherwani and aroma in Mahesh’s old house. Vandana tells that Mahesh has an ailment and he makes actual relations with numerous ladies. Mahesh says she is lying. Vandana traps Mahesh completely and tells that Mahesh’s eyes was on Isha and needed to do that with her, and whenever she had slapped her moreover. Monty and Isha come to the PS. Kashvi lets them know that Arjun is blameless and tells that Mahesh is blameworthy. She inquires as to whether she saw him previously or met him. Isha reviews and tells that she knows him. She says I can’t fail to remember what he had done. Kashvi asks what? Isha books the taxi and lets somebody know that she is remaining on MG street. A fb is shown, Mahesh comes to Isha and requests that she accompany him as the spot isn’t protected. Her dress gets torn as he attempts to take her, and Isha yells for help. A person comes and chides him. Different folks come to beat him. Mahesh takes off. fb closes.

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