This National Tourism Day, celebrities talk about their favourite holiday destinations in India

Sudhanshu Pandey
Well, I have lived in a place which is a tourist place,  my hometown,  Nainital. So, I lived there myself, so normally as a tourist, I don’t go there. I travel mostly abroad when I have to go on a vacation. But within India when I want a break, when I want to rejuvenate myself, I go to Ujjain and Baba Mahakal and that is my place for rejuvenation, for relaxing, for bursting my stress. It helps me when I go on my spiritual trip. I would say that’s my favourite destination. My dream destination is to explore, I have traveled more than half the world, but maybe I would like to go to Mykonos. I have heard so much about that place.

Mitaali Nag
The mountains have my heart. I feel so at peace whenever I visit the mountains. So, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, and Ladakh always top my list of holiday destinations in India. Shimla, Kufri, or for that matter even Ladakh, are places I can never get tired of visiting. In fact, I even shot my original single’s music video in Kufri in the snow. My work takes me to a lot of places. Holiday destinations too. But if I am busy shooting for a daily soap, which mostly is shot in Mumbai, I try to take stays at least once in 3 months around Mumbai. Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar are hill stations where a 2 nights staycation is conveniently possible and doesn’t really require a lot of planning. Switzerland is the ultimate dream of a mountain lover. I want to visit Switzerland at least once. In fact, I want to keep visiting Switzerland. I also want to see Kerala. The tea gardens and all!

Nikhil Nanda
My favourite tourist place is Rameshwaram. It’s the most serene and peaceful place I have ever visited in my life. In fact, I may settle in my retirement years in Rameshwaram only because of the inner peace it gives and the serenity of the place. I am travelling almost 4 days a week and it’s part of the various work hats I wear that take me around so much and include both within and outside India.One of my dream places to visit is to go backpacking in Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela. All these countries are together in the South American continent and can be explored together.

Ambuj Dixit
While working for Cricbuzz on their cricket show ‘SpicyPitch’ I got an opportunity to travel to various cities in India as we were interviewing Indian cricketers in their respective hometowns. I really loved traveling to the southern part of India such as Bangalore and Chennai as it was a very different cultural landscape experience. So besides loving the southern part, I have always loved traveling to the mountains and Rishikesh which make you get connected to your Indian roots and rejuvenate you from the inside out. For a couple of years, I have not been able to travel a lot out of Mumbai for pleasure but a dream destination for me within India is to explore more of the mountains, especially Kedarnath and Ladakh.

Simaran Kaur
I am always torn between Kashmir and Goa, both are unique and beautiful and I love visiting them. Kashmir is just beautiful, it is like a dreamland, a magical place with snow-covered mountains, mesmerizing lakes, pine tree-laden slopes, and the warmth of Kashmiri people. Every time I go to Kashmir I am enchanted by that place. And Goa is just goa, there is something about the whole environment and breeze of Goa, you just feel relaxed and laid back, you forget about the daily hustle and you want to enjoy the susegad spirit of goa, you want to embrace the lifestyle of Goan people and dance to the rhythm of goan music, sit on the beach and look and the wonderful sea. Goa is Just so serene yet so lively.

Hitanshu Jinsi
I don’t like repeating places. I like exploring different places, and cultures, meeting people and knowing their traditions all over the globe. If you would ask me a single place then it’s definitely my birthplace Jammu & Kashmir. I go out of Mumbai every 3 to 4 months, mostly I go to Jammu & Kashmir. I haven’t explored much yet. I would love to explore Kerala more. I went there 2 years ago for a shoot. It was a short trip but a good one. It was all green. I would love to explore all the countries, all places.

Anantica Sahir
As jaded as it sounds, it has to be Goa… I like the balance Goa gives, if you want to go out and party in the north side of goa but if you want the calm and quiet, south goa offers just that! With clean beaches and amazing food, it’s a perfect quick getaway from Mumbai. Although I am really hoping to visit the North- East side of India and I really want to visit Kashmir once, it’s still pending on my to-do list.

Chitra Vakil Sharma
India is a beautiful country. I have travelled to most of the places in India. Travelling to me is a chance to escape from the monotonous circle of city life. It’s very difficult to decide which is the most beautiful place. Up north is like a set of thali that has every desirable element to satisfy your taste buds. From the poetic beauty of Kashmir to the royal grandeur of Rajasthan, from the purest symbol of love, the Taj Mahal to the holiest of all rivers, the Ganges. Exceptionally blessed with a diverse landscape, it has a rich cultural heritage that leaves you overwhelmed.  I have been to Leh, Jammu, Delhi, some parts of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Down south. It reminds you of places you wished to see in your dreams. beaches, vast stretches of ocean, and high hills of the Western Ghats nothing has disappointed me on my journey to the south; Mysore, Bangalore, Ooty, Munar, and Coorg have scenic views. The West is full of a vast range of cuisines, faiths, arts, wildlife, landscapes and ancient monuments await you, along with stunning scenery. But my favourite destination is my lonely planet Goa. With the sun, sea, sand, and food Goa is India’s pocket-sized paradise. I still have to explore the east which I will start this year.

Kate Sharma
There are multiple places which I love to visit. And my favourite destination depends on the season to season. But Kashmir is the only place where every season has its own charm. From the lush green flowery landscapes to the chilly snowfall, I love to explore new places so I travel more often. Goa is my easy vacation zone and second home you can say! I can’t say much about my Dream destination but I haven’t explored the North as yet so I want to travel soon.

Saptrishi Ghosh
Well, for me my favourite tourist spot almost the second home will be the International, Dubai and nationally it has to be Goa. I have very fond memories and I make a point to go to Goa at least once a year, if not twice, and to Dubai as well. There was a point when I used to visit Dubai twice a year but then a lockdown happened and since then I have not been able to travel a lot in the country. Well in 2023, one of the resolutions is going back to Dubai for some time and Goa is like the next door for any of the Mumbaiites. So even if I get a holiday for 4 to 5 days, I will go to Goa and chill out for some time. I don’t get much time to be honest to move around because either I’m busy with my shoots or I’m busy with my dubbing projects. So, in either case, I don’t get much time. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had been out on more than a 7 days holiday out of Mumbai. I have been out for only 3 to 4 days but nothing beyond 4 days. So, let’s see if things go according to the plan this year, might think of going to Kashmir, Dubai, Goa or some other places.

Dr. Akash Sharma
Srinagar is my favourite tourist place in India because it’s such a beautiful place and it’s the base location to explore the higher regions of the Himalayas .lakes and the Venice of the East, and the best part which I like the Himalayan backdrop, glittering lakes that are surrounded by houseboats and Shikaras and pleasures of hiking, mountain biking, and rafting. I love Srinagar so I would like to go there again and again. Taking out time for holidays is a very difficult task in these busy days but we can do it for ourselves. Andaman Nicobar islands is my dream destination in India! There are over 300 islands and I would love to visit.